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Crystal Ball

MOTO POWERS | 071 996 3118

A Unique Psychic | Sangoma | Traditonal Healer

Welcome to Moto!!! When you introduce your problem to Moto, I assess and analyze it by conducting a full check reading. I do not start on a case without being certain that I may obtain results since I do not want your raise your hopes in vain. I need you to feel comfortable before moving forward with our spells. I provide honest advice and take time to explain things of what is best for your situation. I perform rituals during mid night and what one needs to know is that real and effective spells are no child's play. Check out video testimony of Anna & click here to watch


Want your lover back? Attract a specific person

Spells to get married. Spells to help a relationship/ stop a divorce. Spells for bad luck and curse removals. Spells to help retrieve a lost lover. Spells to boost your financial status

Spells for winning court cases / Justice. Unwanted lover & Couple Buster Spell. Have a serious problem that needs fixing?

I look forward to making you satisfied with my service.  If you are not satisfied with any item or spell you order from me then feel free to ask for a full refund. I do not give false hope and when i investigate your situation and find out that it is out of my powers then i can definitely let you know that am unable to help. If you have a query / problem just be free and write to me...


Please note that there are a lot of situations that are beyond the realm of my powers. Many times, the supernatural works in mysterious ways which are beyond understanding. I do not claim to be the ultimate authority that may change your destiny. Every one has his or her own free will. The results are typical and they vary from one to another. If you are not satisfied with any of our services you can claim a full refund as we offer a money back guarantee to those who are not satisfied with our services.

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